Scandinavia or are they Nordic?

The Northern region of Europe is known as Scandinavia and includes the countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland.  If you are from the Scandinavian region, you will realize there is a difference between “Nordic” and “Scandinavian” countries.  For a better understanding of this difference and more about Scandinavia, you may read here.  Interestingly, the French were the ones to coin the term “Nordique” or “Nordic”.  Greenland is part of the kingdom of Denmark, but has close ties to Scandinavia and Nordic countries, although it is closer to North America in its location.  The link in the first paragraph presents a great understanding of this region and tells a little more about each country without being lengthy.

Here is a video that explains Scandinavia also. This is what Encyclopedia Brittanica has to say about the area.  Any one of these articles or the video should give you the same general understanding.  I am offering a variety of sources for those of you who would like to study this further.

Scandinavian Scientist – Tycho Brahe

Nordic Folk Music – Video

Animals of Scandinavia – Video (And the Northern Lights also)

Flora & Fauna of Scandinavia – Article with Photo Gallery and Another Site

Scandinavian Recipes –

Use this map game to learn the correct placement of the countries in Scandinavia.  HERE

Watch this VIDEO to learn about the Scandinavian flags.

Video  Web Site 1  Web Site 2
ABWE mission board has this info about Norway and its spiritual needs.

Video  Web Site 1  Web Site 2
Here is information regarding the spiritual situation in Sweden.
Pray for Melissa Carlson, missionary to Sweden.

Video  Web Site 1  Web Site 2

Video  Web Site 1  Web Site 2

Video  Web Site 1  Web Site 2
In the comments, you will see a blogger from Finland has shared a comment with links to share more information which I think you will find interesting.  I am so thankful for this input!

I hope you have enjoyed studying about Scandinavia via these links.  Be sure to keep practicing identifying the countries on the map! I would love for you to be able to place all the countries of the world when you complete Geography On A Mission.


2 thoughts on “Scandinavia or are they Nordic?

  1. I checked links presenting Finland. The second one was quite good. In the first one, there was no mention about reindeers, which roam freely on our Arctic fells. Reindeers can be met even at summer at the Arctic Circle and even further south for example in the town called Oulu where it is possible to participate in Reindeer driving competition. Then there was no mention about our famous World’s Biggest Snow Castle, which is rebuilt every winter.

    Happy blogging!


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