How we got started

We have 8 children whom we homeschool.  When our first kids began high school, we found the book Around the World in 180 Days by Sherrie Payne.  This wonderful research-based geography course is published by Apologia Press.  I loved that this course is basically a book full of questions for the student to answer.  The student defined terms, located places on a map, and answered questions about religion, history, and culture.  Mrs. Payne recommended outside reading of biographies about missionaries to the continent being studied.  I had 3 of my oldest students work through this text completely on their own.  I was very pleased with the results.

One day, I was looking through the text myself and realized that this would be a great book for all of the kids to go through together without waiting until high school.  During the next few months we went through the continent of Africa together.  We answered the geographical questions, learned to place all (!) of the countries of Africa properly on the map, watched youtube videos about nearly every country in Africa, and read two missionary biographies.  We thoroughly enjoyed this study, and we found ourselves falling in love with the people of Africa.  (I even came out to the living room one day to find my three year old laying on a map blanket which we have.  He was hugging the continent of Africa.  This thrilled my heart.)  I love Christian missions, and although I know it would be hard to be separated from my children, I would be thankful if God would use one or all of them as missionaries to unreached people.

Currently we are studying the continent of Europe.  The posts that I make over the next few months will be centered on the continent of Europe.  Eventually I intend to have all of the continents covered here on this blog.  I will write about physical geography, cultural geography, history (at times), and the need for missionaries around the world.  I will also present the plight of refugees.  Sometimes I will write about a burden God places on my heart, and I may also share the ministries of missionaries of which I am aware.  I would love to hear from you.  What interests you around the world?  We can learn so much as we get to know the people around us.  It is my desire in my corner of the world to exalt God among the nations.


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