What is happening to this blog?

The LORD has laid on my heart the need for Christians to have resources to be more engaged in international Christian missions. As you know if you have read from this blog previously, we see the teaching of geography as a great tool to help grow the desire to serve God in missions.

My first start at blogging was a general homeschooling blog, but I found that the topic was much too broad. As we studied geography as a family and learned more about Christian missionaries, we have seen the need to help Christians in various teaching roles to exhort one another in this ministry from God. The main area that I have found it hard to find resources is in the realm of teaching children about missions.

This summer during our church’s VBS program, I heard the evangelist’s wife looking for resources to help encourage children in this area. Discussing this concern with her brought this need to the forefront of my thinking. I am intending to proceed with this blog on my own domain name. Please pray for me that the doors will be closed if this is not the way God wants me to go. I am doing soul searching and weighing the costs of what it will take to be effective with this blog.

At the moment I am working on beginning geography lessons with the goal of having a one year curriculum when they are complete. These 50+ days of geography lessons will be geared for children who have had little or no geographical education. We will cover maps/globes, continents, land formations, missionary biographical sketches, several different Gospel presentations, prayer, flags, foods, landmarks, architecture, Bible translation, and God’s call to missions.

We will include in our blog ideas ways to live missionally in our current communities. We will share ideas for activities that can be used to help build relationships.