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Population and Culture  WebSite

Geography of the UK  WebSite

General knowledge of England  Website

The Queen’s Hat read aloud on youtube.  A picture book showing many of England’s landmarks.  Video

Literature – an animated biography of Shakespeare.  Video

Food – English Meals  Video

Drawing Instructions – Big Ben  London Bus  Palace Guard  Beefeater

William Wilberforce and the Abolishment of Slavery  Video

David Livingstone’s Burial  WebSite


*We are in the process of buying a house/moving.  I may be a little less consistent in the timing of my posts, but we will continue!

This week we are studying England.  Biographies of these missionaries would be great to read – William Booth,  George Mueller, and C S Lewis.  You may also find these heroes from history interesting to study – William Wilberforce and Winston Churchill.

We watched this video about William Wilberforce. https://youtu.be/6uJ3oYwkQdw  If you have not watched Amazing Grace, I strongly recommend that you do.


You may enjoy learning to draw a guard from Buckingham Palace here or Big Ben here.

If you are studying England or live in England, feel free to share your links in the comments!

Art Cunningham and his family are missionaries to England.  You can read more about them and their needs for prayer here.  The Gibbons family is raising their support to go to England.  You can read about them here.


Europe Art Project #2 (Scandinavia)



As I looked for Scandinavian art I didn’t really find a lot that lent itself toward an art project we could do.  I did notice that I found quite a few modern art posters with geometric designs.  I would share them with you, but most of them were for sale and copyrighted….certainly not public domain pictures. (Of course, now that we have completed our projects I have found more. )



Whatever the case, today we used construction paper and tissue paper to make geometric collages.  They are self explanatory, and if you desire I think you could easily make one yourself – regardless of your age.  We found that the triangles definitely fit with an abstract picture of the mountains of Scandinavia.




Scandinavia or are they Nordic?

The Northern region of Europe is known as Scandinavia and includes the countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland.  If you are from the Scandinavian region, you will realize there is a difference between “Nordic” and “Scandinavian” countries.  For a better understanding of this difference and more about Scandinavia, you may read here.  Interestingly, the French were the ones to coin the term “Nordique” or “Nordic”.  Greenland is part of the kingdom of Denmark, but has close ties to Scandinavia and Nordic countries, although it is closer to North America in its location.  The link in the first paragraph presents a great understanding of this region and tells a little more about each country without being lengthy.

Here is a video that explains Scandinavia also. This is what Encyclopedia Brittanica has to say about the area.  Any one of these articles or the video should give you the same general understanding.  I am offering a variety of sources for those of you who would like to study this further.

Scandinavian Scientist – Tycho Brahe

Nordic Folk Music – Video

Animals of Scandinavia – Video (And the Northern Lights also)

Flora & Fauna of Scandinavia – Article with Photo Gallery and Another Site

Scandinavian Recipes – AllRecipes.com

Use this map game to learn the correct placement of the countries in Scandinavia.  HERE

Watch this VIDEO to learn about the Scandinavian flags.

Video  Web Site 1  Web Site 2
ABWE mission board has this info about Norway and its spiritual needs.

Video  Web Site 1  Web Site 2
Here is information regarding the spiritual situation in Sweden.
Pray for Melissa Carlson, missionary to Sweden.

Video  Web Site 1  Web Site 2

Video  Web Site 1  Web Site 2

Video  Web Site 1  Web Site 2
In the comments, you will see a blogger from Finland has shared a comment with links to share more information which I think you will find interesting.  I am so thankful for this input!

I hope you have enjoyed studying about Scandinavia via these links.  Be sure to keep practicing identifying the countries on the map! I would love for you to be able to place all the countries of the world when you complete Geography On A Mission.

Bodies of Water – Europe – Physical Geography

These are the main bodies of water in Europe’s physical geography.  Included are links to videos to visually interest you.

The longest river in Europe is the Volga which is found in Russia. Video

The 2nd longest is the Danube River
This video is a concert of Johann Strauss’ Blue Danube.
It includes the scenery of the Danube River and the countries through which it passes.
(If you love music, you can expand you study of Johann Strauss.)

The Seine River flows through Paris, France. The Seine ends in Normandy, France. (We will cover Normandy more in our study of France.)
This video is about the Seine.

Finland is known for its many lakes.  Video

The Caspian Sea is the largest saltwater lake in the world. It is strategically important because of its location. Video

How we got started

We have 8 children whom we homeschool.  When our first kids began high school, we found the book Around the World in 180 Days by Sherrie Payne.  This wonderful research-based geography course is published by Apologia Press.  I loved that this course is basically a book full of questions for the student to answer.  The student defined terms, located places on a map, and answered questions about religion, history, and culture.  Mrs. Payne recommended outside reading of biographies about missionaries to the continent being studied.  I had 3 of my oldest students work through this text completely on their own.  I was very pleased with the results.

One day, I was looking through the text myself and realized that this would be a great book for all of the kids to go through together without waiting until high school.  During the next few months we went through the continent of Africa together.  We answered the geographical questions, learned to place all (!) of the countries of Africa properly on the map, watched youtube videos about nearly every country in Africa, and read two missionary biographies.  We thoroughly enjoyed this study, and we found ourselves falling in love with the people of Africa.  (I even came out to the living room one day to find my three year old laying on a map blanket which we have.  He was hugging the continent of Africa.  This thrilled my heart.)  I love Christian missions, and although I know it would be hard to be separated from my children, I would be thankful if God would use one or all of them as missionaries to unreached people.

Currently we are studying the continent of Europe.  The posts that I make over the next few months will be centered on the continent of Europe.  Eventually I intend to have all of the continents covered here on this blog.  I will write about physical geography, cultural geography, history (at times), and the need for missionaries around the world.  I will also present the plight of refugees.  Sometimes I will write about a burden God places on my heart, and I may also share the ministries of missionaries of which I am aware.  I would love to hear from you.  What interests you around the world?  We can learn so much as we get to know the people around us.  It is my desire in my corner of the world to exalt God among the nations.

Practice the placement of countries in Europe

There are multiple games, quizzes, and puzzles available on the internet which will help you learn to place all of the countries of Europe.  Below the map there are links to just a few.


See if you can place all of the countries of Europe properly within the month.

Europe Map Game 1

Europe Map Game 2

Europe Map Game 3

Europe Map Game 4

Europe Map Quiz 1 

Europe Map Quiz 2

Europe Map Quiz 3

Europe Map Quiz 4

Europe Map and Capital Puzzle 1